Saturday, 5 December 2015

G I F T I D E A - S C R A B B L E L I G H T S

So with Christmas just around the corner, I am sure you are all on the hunt for Christmas Gifts for your friends & family! Well, these Scrabble Lights from IWOOT are a pretty amazing choice! Whether you are giving them as a Christmas gift or just wanting some extra decoration for your abode the Scrabble lights are perfect for anyone who loves unusual, retro or unique decor.

The Scrabble lights come with 60 re-usable stickers so you can write whatever you want (as long as it is within 10 characters or less) Such a great way to give a personilised gift. They are great for any occasion to be honest. You can use them as Birthday bunting or even stick motivational & inspirational words on them (Pinterest style!) and hang them up in your office/workspace!

It took me a little while to decide exactly what I wanted to spell out on the lights but I eventually sent with the word 'fancy' cos, why the hell not! As he really hates cheesy word decor Liam suggested some words of profanity (which is an idea I really liked actually, it's very 'us' hahahah so yeah, that might happen in the future as it would be so funny for someone to walk into your house, it look all normal & stuff then there's just Scrabble Lights with the word 'Fuck' or 'Twat' hanging on the wall hahahah!)

Anyway... the Scrabble Lights themselves are actually really bright (which I love) & they can be plugged into a USB port or you can slot the USB unto the plug head which is included. I personally prefer to use the plug head but the USB wire is such a good idea too!

At the moment the Scrabble Lights are actually just £16.99 on IWOOT for a limited time! (RRP £25) so get your butts on the site quick if you are after some for Christmas gifts!

What would you write on the Scrabble Lights?

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  1. These are just so cute, and would look fab in most spaces too x


  2. These are so lovely and somewhat kitsch! My boyfriends parents love Scrabble so I contemplated buying them these to pop in their conservatory, but I'll probably leave it for now. :)


  3. your blog is so perfect I'm jealous of you! xxx


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